Slot Overview: Hola Frutas

If you want to pretend you’re on the beach while playing a slot machine, Hola Frutas from Stakelogic is the game for you. Similar to Fruit Storm, Hola Frutas is a scatter-paying slot that takes place in a warmer climate and has some unique elements. To maximize your chances of winning, you should try to land sticky symbols during free spins.

Put on some sunscreen, since this one will take place on the beach. A 6×6 game panel serves as the gaming surface, while the area around it provides everything one would need for a relaxing break. Fantasy players should be able to conjure up images of palm trees, colorful flowers, a soft breeze, sun, sand, sea, waterfalls, and a boat when they think of an idyllic island escape. The main game takes place during the daytime when it’s hot, but the bonus rounds happen at night when an overwater cabin is the perfect spot to watch the sunset. While Hola Frutas’ vista may not be anything that beachgoers haven’t seen in a slot before, there is a reason why millions of people travel to the sea every summer.

Hola Frutas may be played on any kind of gadget, much like the beach is open to everyone (well, at least the public ones). The game has a medium to high level of volatility and may be played in several ways, seemingly all of which result in the same RTP of 95.8%. Bets may be placed at a standard rate of 10 p/c up to £/€10 every spin, or you can press the Super Stake button to double your bet. When Super Stake is turned on, the chances of getting free spins and landing multiplier symbols during the main game are both boosted.

Hola Frutas follows in the footsteps of games like Sweet Bonanza by employing a scatter-paying mechanism to provide prizes. Players get a reward if they see at least 8 matching symbols anywhere on the grid. When 8 or 9 of a certain fruit lands, payouts range from 0.25-0.10 times the wager, while payouts for 12 or more of the same fruit range from 2-to-50 times the wager. Scatter-based games like Hola Frutas typically lack a wild symbol.

Slot Featured in Hola Frutas

While waiting for the free spins bonus round to begin, keep a look out for bonuses like cascades, waves, and multipliers (if Super Stake is activated) in the main game.


After a winning combination has paid out, it is taken off the board, and any leftover symbols or new combinations fall into the empty spaces. Cascades can continue indefinitely if more scatter wins occur after the initial one.


On odd losing spins, a smiling fruit guy could ride a wave through, wiping off the symbols in the bottom three rows. This sets off a chain reaction that might lead to more rewards.

Signs for Multiplication

Super Stake triggers the appearance of these symbols on the reels only in the main game. Multiplier symbols have a hidden value that is multiplied by the current spin’s win if they appear.

No Risk Turns

When three or more bonus symbols appear, the player advances to the bonus round. One random pay sign is selected as the frozen symbol before the free spins begin. If this unique icon lands on the board, it becomes sticky and remains there. Newly-selected symbols that appear on the following spin also freeze in place, increasing the potential for consecutive wins. When a spin happens without any new special symbols, frozen symbols disappear from the grid. Whether or not Super Stake is engaged, free spins can still contain multiplier symbols. If a win with a frozen symbol is multiplied by using the multiplier, the frozen symbol may become unfrozen and disappear from the grid on the following spin.

Spend Money on a Bonus

If the chance presents itself, players may jump right into free spins by clicking the Buy Bonus button. Any of the pay symbols can be chosen as the sticky one for the Normal Bonus at 100x the stake, or one of the top four symbols can be chosen as the sticky one for the Deluxe Bonus. The third choice gives you a Normal or Deluxe version at random for 125 times your wager.

Juicy Results from the Slot Machines!

Hola Frutas was a pleasant discovery. The review started off on a sunny note with a visit to a classic tropical island setting, and it only got hotter from there. Stakelogic has made a relaxing environment and some fun gaming mechanics for you to test while you’re there. Hola Frutas may not seem all that interesting at first glance, what with having to plough through yet another fruit-filled grid slot, but there are really a few interesting things to find here.

The core gameplay is really simplistic, so maybe not. Get wave clearances on your non-winning spins, hit scatters for winnings, and collect prizes. The excitement of unexpected multiplier symbols may urge you to boost your bet to Super Stake level. Even if you don’t choose for the higher-priced Super Stake, multipliers might still show up during free games.

Tests showed that multipliers were the deciding factor between a mediocre bonus round outcome and an excellent one. One explanation is that after a certain number of symbols (12+), scatter values plateau. So, you do receive repeat wins, but they are capped at the 12+ payment amount, even if a lot more frozen symbols are stacking up. Even if lemons fill the entire grid, getting stuck with one will double your wager. In this context, the multipliers can be quite useful.

During free games, it was common for players to prioritize getting frozen symbols over anything else. Using scatter pays as opposed to cluster pays can assist get around the issue of sticky frozen symbols preventing other symbols from generating winning combinations. Sticky symbols with higher values are preferable during free spins, but those with lesser values can still be compensated for by the random multipliers.

Finally, Hola Frutas was a tasty treat along the beach. Scatter pay slots aren’t exactly lacking in variety, but they aren’t exactly new, either. Stakelogic’s Hola Frutas could be enjoyable for format aficionados, especially when the frozen symbol feature combines with a few of good multipliers.

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