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济南画册Betway login简析画册设计需要遵循的8大原则

来源:http://www.xinfengyinshua.cn/   发布时间:2020-09-16
As a medium of text and information transmission, picture book is loved by many enterprises, and is a common marketing tool used by most enterprises. Especially for enterprises with less marketing expenses, picture books support the expectations of enterprises. According to these functions, brochures as a unique plasmid vector, the basic laws of its universality can be sorted out as follows.
1. Endow album with soul
Success is not achieved by carelessness. Excellent brochures often have a life, that is, temperament. They are generally constructed according to layout design and creative copy expression. The difference between excellent brochures and poor brochures depends not only on the level of interior designers or the height of materials used, but also on the logical thinking of scheme planning.
2. Knowledge determines height. Scheme planning and decision-making brochures, the level of success or failure, good-looking design scheme is only a kind of provisions for implementation. Whether to consider the height of brochures with good looks or not is a way to sacrifice the essence and seek the end. The concept is more important for the users of brochures. The life of brochures is the refinement and upgrading of the life of a company (well-known brand). The gas field of brochures and that of the company (well-known brands) should be in the same line. Excellent brochures win in concept, scheme planning and design scheme.
3. Logic penetration, bead wire
In the whole process of the planning of brochures, it is necessary to shape the logical thinking of "integration", a holistic view of brochures, a concept expression, and an overall image building. Under the specific guidance of this holistic view, we carried out intravenous injection meat filling, and input the contents of enterprise introduction, boss's speech, company process, product introduction and so on.

4. Have a head and face, and show the brand image
Face is about image. The "head" and "face" of the album are mainly reflected in the overall style of the cover and inside. The album cover and overall design style will give readers an intuitive impression, especially when many albums compete with each other.
5. Beautiful features and great prospects
Everyone is different, so is the enterprise. This album should convey this "feature" to readers in the form of Art - something that is not popular is more attractive. In the content processing of photo album pages, we can refer to the operation method of "three-point one", that is to find difference, frame communication point (audience interest), specific expression point (specific expression material), and connect these three points through creative way.
6. Picture and text, pleasing to the eye
Photo albums should have pictures and articles. The relationship between picture and document is not the relationship between chicken and egg, but the relationship of accompaniment and complementarity. According to experience, the coordination between the two mainly depends on the creator himself. If copywriting is dominant, the picture is likely to match the copy, while the picture is subordinate.
7. Image selection and matching are important
High quality album with "pictures" pay attention to, not only refers to whether the picture is beautiful or not, but also refers to the picture to match the album itself. The request for picture selection should be in line with the characteristics of the album itself, which puts forward a higher request for the designer's cognitive ability. The pictures can fully express information, have enough precision, and match with the copy appropriately, that is, they conform to the aesthetic standards.
8. Content first, material appropriate
The album focuses on the content, followed by the way. In the choice of material and technology, we should consider the use, performance, design, cost and other aspects. As far as most enterprises are concerned, album manufacturing should be based on suitability. If the sales staff to open up the market, if the album is roughly heavy, it is no doubt a trouble for me, not a wise choice. It is a special case that the cost is sufficient, the use of special places, and the album with special purpose is another matter.
The above is what I share with you today. I hope it can help you.
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